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MONEY Series 3 (Trust 11)


Fund information

MONEY Series 3 is an international money market fund making gains from movements in currencies and interest rates in ten of the world's major markets. It has exciting potential returns and most importantly, your investment is 100% capital protected at maturity* in five years' time.

Key Features

Closed to new investment


Australian unit trust (only open to New Zealand residents)


Deutsche Bank Dynamic Carry Index (makes gains from movements in interest rates and currencies in the international money markets)

Annual return

Income units: targeting up to 7% p.a. (variable income) payable on 30 June

Accumulation units: small fixed income of 0.05% p.a. ($2.50 per $5,000 can be donated to charity)


Income units: paid at maturity. Overall return: combination of annual income and extra growth gives a target of 11% p.a.

Accumulation units: paid at maturity. Target return of 15.5% p.a.

Capital protection

Full capital protection at maturity*


5 years

Minimum investment


Entry fee
(this is a fee paid by you)
3% - unless rebated by your financial adviser
(this is a fee paid by Liontamer)

2% fee paid by Liontamer to your financial adviser
No on-going annual brokerage is paid

Management fee

No annual management fee

Early Maturity feature

If a pre-set growth target is hit, you will receive a full return of capital ahead of time, plus all of the growth (less any fee)

Maturity Information
Investment date

4 May 2005

Starting index level

213.29. Initial reference amount 19.5%*

Maturity date

4 May 2010 (proceeds will be available within 10 business days)

Final index level

240.27 (unit price: $1.1585)

Hold to maturity values

$1.00 UnitsJanFebMarAprMayJunJulAugSepOctNovDec
Hold to Maturity Value            
income units1.14271.14001.15061.1585MaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMatured
accumulation units1.14311.14031.15101.1585MaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMatured
Deutsche Bank Dynamic Carry Index value            
income units227.650226.880233.070240.270MaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMatured
accumulation units227.650226.880233.070240.270MaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMaturedMatured
Current reference amount
amount invested in the strategy
income units            
accumulation units            

Note: all levels are at month-end, unless otherwise specified. 

Valuation Tools

Note: this chart shows the hold-to-maturity values only. Please see a definition of this below. The values are not market values or exit values. Please remember that past performance should not be used as a guide to the future, and final valuations are subject to market movements between now and the relevant maturity date.

Note: this chart shows the hold-to-maturity values only. Please see a definition of this below. The values are not market values or exit values. Please remember that past performance should not be used as a guide to the future, and final valuations are subject to market movements between now and the relevant maturity date.

Important information

Reference amount explanation
The hold to maturity value is calculated in two parts. Firstly, there is the value of the zero coupon bond and secondly the value of the amount physically invested into the strategy. At maturity, the amount of the zero coupon bond (a deposit type instrument) will have grown back to $1.00 so each $1.00 unit can be repaid. On the investment date, 19.50% (or .1950 cents per $1 unit) was invested into the Dynamic Carry Index (this is known as the 'reference amount'). If things remain unchanged, the hold to maturity value would be $1.00 + $0.1950 = $1.1950. If the current reference amount shown above is above $1.1950, the investment strategy is making gains. If the current amount is below 19.50%, the strategy is losing value. Income payments are made once a year on 30 June and the amount paid is the gain made in the reference amount (i.e. the amount above 19.50%) to a maximum of 7%.

Hold-to maturity values
The hold-to-maturity values shown on the table above are not a market value or a value at which investors can exit the fund. They represent what the value of each unit would be assuming it was maturing today and had been held for the full term. By making these assumptions, we can provide a hypothetical value which reflects the relevant level of capital protection plus the formula of returns which apply at maturity. We calculate this by adding together the accrued annual return and any growth in the underlying index, since the start date of investment. We take into account the participation rate of each fund when making the calculation i.e. the level of exposure the fund has to the index. The hold-to-maturity value gives investors an indication of how their investment is performing at the time the calculation is made.

Values prior to maturity
As capital protection only applies at maturity, the value of units prior to this date is a maximum of $1.00, less a 2% exit fee and any break costs involved in selling the investments held by the fund. Based on the restrictions imposed on the transferability of the units, a reasonable view is that the ‘market value’ of each unit can be determined and it will not exceed $1.00 before maturity.

Early exits
Early exits are possible from all Liontamer funds. Quarterly exits are available for this fund at the end of January, April, July and October.

The early repayment value of the units will mirror the value of the assets of the fund, capped at a maximum value of $1.00, less a 2% exit fee. If the value of the assets of the fund is less than $1.00 then you will receive that lesser amount less a 2% exit fee. By withdrawing early you will get back less than you invested. As capital protection only applies at maturity, choosing to leave the fund early can result in you receiving back less than your investment amount (due to the break costs of the underlying investments held by the fund) as well as paying the exit fee.

Exceptional circumstances
If the reason that you need to exit from the fund is ‘exceptional’, it may be possible to exit at a unit price which is higher than $1.00 per unit (at Liontamer’s discretion). Examples of exceptional circumstances would include death, serious illness or severe financial hardship. In these situations, we will need details of your circumstances in writing – your financial adviser or broker can assist you or your family with this process.

If you wish to exit a Liontamer fund, click here for more information: Exiting your Liontamer fund early.

Transfers to other investors
Transfers are possible between immediate family members or between family trusts and their beneficiaries. Transfers can only take place at a maximum value of $1.00. Please contact your financial adviser or broker to arrange a transfer. If you don’t have an adviser or broker, contact Liontamer Investor Relations on 0800 210 451 or email us at

To transfer your units, click here for an off-market transfer form.
Off Market Transfer Form

This should be sent to our Registrar at the following address:

Link Market Services
PO Box 91976
Auckland 1142
New Zealand


*Capital protection at maturity means you will receive back 100% of the combined amount invested and early bird interest (earned during the offer period) less any entry fee charged (3%) and any exit fee. Capital protection only applies at maturity. Early withdrawals may result in investors receiving back significantly less than they put in, due to market movements, the exit fee and the fund’s establishment costs. There is a more detailed description of the capital protection in the Investment Statement and the limited circumstances when capital protection may not be available. A copy of the prospectus is available upon request from Liontamer Investor Relations on 0800 210 451.

Although Deutsche Bank AG London (Deutsche Bank) is legally liable to repay the investments owned by the trust and all returns on those investments, neither Deutsche Bank nor any other entity guarantees the repayment of units nor any returns on the units, nor accepts any other liabilities to unitholders. The trust is not endorsed or promoted in any way by Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank has not independently verified the information contained in the Investment Statement or Prospectus and therefore provides no representation, warranty or undertaking, expressed or implied in respect of the trust or the structured notes and no responsibility or liability is accepted by Deutsche Bank in connection with the trust, the offer constituted by the Investment Statement and Prospectus or any information in the Investment Statement.