Admin FAQ

Link Market Services provides the registry service for all Liontamer funds and will be able to help you with most queries relating to administration issues.

You are able to make many changes to your personal details online, including updating your address and bank account, using Link Market Services’ Investor Centre.

This service provides you with convenient and secure access to your holdings and other useful account management tools enabling you to update your details anytime along with secure access to your transaction, payment and tax information online.

Click here to access the Link Market Services Investor Centre

You will need your Liontamer holder number and your four-digit PIN number (called a FIN) issued by Link Market Services. If you are unable to locate your FIN contact Link Market Services.

Link Market Services FAQ

How do I update my address?

You should notify our registry provider, Link Market Services, any time you change address or may not be in a position to receive mail in the period leading up to the fund maturity i.e. if you will be overseas or in hospital for an extended time. Change of address forms can be downloaded here or you can update your details online right now using the Link Market Services’ Investor Centre.

How do I change my bank account details?

You are able to make changes to your bank account details online using Link’s Investor Centre. This service provides you with convenient and secure access to your holdings and other useful account management tools enabling you to update your details as and when required. If your fund is about to mature, please print out this form, scan it (PDF only) and email it to our Registrar, Link Market Services. Their address is: Alternatively you can post it to PO BOX 91976 Auckland 1142. Please bear in mind the proximity to the maturity date of the fund if you are posting this form. Change of bank account form

How do I find out my current unitholding?

You are able to access your Liontamer unitholding details anytime using the Investor Centre. This service also allows you to view, download and print multiple holdings, provided that Link Market Services is managing the registry for those other securities. You can also contact Link directly to get a unitholding statement, using any of the contact options provided above.

How do I correct the spelling of my name on the register?

If the spelling of your name is incorrect in any of our communications to you then you will need to complete a Change of Name form, which is available from Link Market services.

What is required if a unitholder dies?

When a holder dies, the securities they hold form part of the assets of their estate. The administration of an estate can be complex, time consuming and sometimes distressing. If you are the administrator for an estate, Link Market Services has created a comprehensive guide of Estate Administration Services to assist you when dealing with an estate.

How do I get an annual tax notice?

The Liontamer annual tax notice and other tax information is available online in the Tax section of this website.

How do I cash up my Liontamer fund early?

The early exits section has all the information you need to be able to exit your Liontamer fund before maturity.

What is the process when my fund comes up to maturity?

For information about the maturity process see the maturity info section.

How do I find the latest financial statements for my fund?

The most recent audited financial statements for the Liontamer funds are available here.